I.aM.mE crew

I.aM.mE crew is one of many dance crew in ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew). they are the winner of ABDC (America’s best dance crew) season 6. I think they’re really talented dancer.You guys wanna know how great are they? check this out!

ABDC 6 week 1 – I.aM.mE lil_wayne challenge

ABDC 6 week 3 – I.aM.mE_black eyed peas challenge (meet me half way)

ABDC week 4 – I.aM.mE_katty perry challenge (peacock)

ABDC week 5 – I.aM.mE_Rihanna challenge (S_M)

ABDC week 6 – I.aM.mE_justin bieber challenge (somebody to love)

ABDC week 7 – I.aM.mE_Nicki Minaj (Moment 4 life)

ABDC 6 week 8 – I.aM.mE_kayne west challenge

ABDC 6 week 8 – I.aM.mE_ill mental


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