this picture found by my good friend @AndyCrmlHexor (tweeps!)
a friend who his life has changed to be a Superb-Amazing!! Man+friend since he knew, he believe, and he accept Jesus in his life..

think about the words, don’t think about who found it.
it’s very easy for us to fall in love with someone [or] something.
there’s a populr quote “chase your love until you got it”
but if you already got it, what will you do? stay faithfully?
oh i think no one can be faithfull with what they ever love without feel bored, believe me.

that’s why loving and being loved not as special as staying and being stayed..
it makes so special.
rare of people on this time can stay faithfully.
but i know the One who really faithful, and stay with us no matter what we do. we say, even we do bad thing and without ever feel bored staying with us.
He is Jesus. he always stay with us no matter what. even you forget with Jesus, he still love you, and walk together with you.
no one could ever love and stay with you like Jesus. Died for us, ashamed for us. when you hurting he’s feeling, he still love and stay with you πŸ™‚

and now the question, can we staying with the one who we love even we feel bored? can we stay with Jesus no matter what?


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